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 I say “with me” because I truly believe that no one “knows it all” and we can always grow in education! I started my business with little-to-no knowledge of videography, editing, business ownership, branding, etc. and successfully went full-time in 11 months! I’d love to work with you to share what I know, how I got started, tips/tricks to get you going, and be an endless support system for you! 

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I offer anything from a getting started guide, 1:1 coaching calls/sessions, or a combo of both!
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Associate shooters start at $100/hour + access to all my guides and education!

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Working for Taylor is both enjoyable and educational at the same time! Coming from a photo background, she made video look so much less daunting and actually very exciting! She mentored me into associate shooting for her and I really enjoy it. She’s very organized, bubbly, and I’ve always felt very prepared for a wedding day. This girl knows what she’s doing and it’s so fun to learn from her!

x, Amelia Jo Photo

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